Symphony Partners is a team of entrepreneurs, always listening to you.

Symphony Partners Team
Vincent ARNAUD, co-founder

Vincent ARNAUD-Co-Founder

ESTACA Engineer Degree.
Experiences at Peugeot and at Financière de Champlain.
Creation of VILLA DEI en 2011: Society for the promotion of intergenerational buildings.
Project man and entrepreneur Soul, Vincent loves golf and romps in sensational sports-Kite surfing, snow board-when he is not plunged into the heart of his family start-up!


Cédric DE LA PALME-Co-Founder

Diploma as well as in psychology and philosophy
Experience in the HSBC financial and financial markets of Champlain. Creation of the PALME PARTNERS in 2009.
Cédric is passionate about human relations and exchanges about the meaning of life!
Sport lovers almost as much as his wife and children, he played the French championships of tennis and looks with passion the major events of football and rugby. He likes to share with his friends a head of veal sauce gribiche with a good Bordeaux!


Frédéric Subtle-Office Manager

Diploma of the IDRAC
Trades distribution of financial products then software editions. Co-founder of the company IFABE – management software.
Today divides his time between a function of office Manager at Symphony Partners, and that of Middle office at a financial stakeholder.
In his work, Frédéric particularly appreciates the service and conviviality. And as soon as possible, the hike with his family and the one in high mountain with his friends.

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BA-IT Business Manager

Diploma in Engineering from SUPINFO Paris and holder of the MBA project Management, innovation and technology of the ESG Paris.
In 2014, joined the Symphony Partners team as the SI leader.
Passionate about ICT, he practiced indoor football and is a fervent supporter of Bayern Munich.


Franck JAN-Office Manager

Diploma Photographer Technician
Photo enthusiast-photographer technician-Franck has created and managed an agency for several years.
10 years of expatriate life at the meeting, Franck loves breathtaking landscapes and the diversity of meetings.
A world traveller, a researcher of truth, he has driven in Australia, Vietnam, Sicily, Corsica, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Palestine, Israel,...
A great football fan, Franck enjoys good evenings with friends and spontaneous relationships.

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