Technology upsets the real estate sector, it's a reality! A wave of start-ups that brings innovative services has arrived. A shot of Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence or even robotization. They are the "Proptech", a term derived from the contraction of "Property" and "Technology". What are the revolutions they are preparing to change the real estate and in particular the world of Office real estate? What are the issues these companies are responding to? Response elements.

The Proptech in front of the traditional real estate market

combining real estate and technology to meet the needs of all the players in the chain, it's not just a start-ups fight. Indeed, we notice in the Proptech movement the emergence of new actors who want to "uberize" the sector and break the codes. But some large groups and other historical institutions are also sensitive to the inputs of technology and develop their own services. Rigid the world of real estate? Not always! Some professionals have understood that they need to evolve their traditional business model to take the turn of the digital. So you might as well bring a pinch of technology.

But what exactly are we talking about? What are these new services designed to revolutionize real estate? The Big data (collection of data collected and very large) can help professionals to carry out their prospecting, to reinforce their knowledge of terrain. Tools exist that pool A stream of data about the Commons, of the projects in progress, all in real time. Artificial intelligence offers solutions that can simplify administrative processes and automate steps. Deep machine learning can also help professionals to achieve a transaction by decrypting documents through the support of optical character recognition (OCR).

France, a committed actor in the Proptech

Examples, the world of Proptech has a lot of it. France, in particular, is a suitable field of experimentation. Include The owner* which transforms the trade of real estate agent with a commission reduced to 1.99% only. Also include Knock** In the USA that evolves in the market of "home trade-in", a real estate approach that promises to make the sale and purchase of houses "as easy as the takeover of your car". Habx*** Customize a new home before you even place an order with the developer, flipping the usual selling wire. There are about 1 600 start-ups of the Proptech in the world, which attract investment. 46 billion million raised from 2011 to 2017, of which 20 billion million alone in the years 2016 and 2017, says The other****, start-up that injects artificial intelligence into the service of photography.

Such an effervescence exists that a collective, the "French PropTech" has even been launched to federate those who "seek to reinvent the city, a city centered on man and uses, a city where it is good to live, to work and to be entertained".

These solutions that Proptech brings to real estate

Disrupter, change, evolve. The ambition of Proptech's products and services is strong. The results are concrete and visible on three elements.

The money

the new services impact the entire value chain of real estate. Every step has the right to its innovation. That is why from now on, from financing to building and managing the transaction, everything is financially optimized. The fees can be reduced, the investments simplified. Better, it is then about the building – from maintenance to its occupation – that savings are possible.

The time

Is the long time of the real estate in the process of living its last hours? With the Proptech everything can go faster. It becomes possible to stop construction, to rent or sell faster (by removing intermediaries) or to manage better (and faster) assets. Trustees and property administrators can, for example, notify incidents in seconds by SMS... farewell the Mail sent with several weeks of lag.

The knowledge

Before investing it is important to know a property or a set of goods. To sell or rent, you have to know your interlocutors. Customers ' expectations, their desired use, their habits. All this knowledge is now accessible. you just have to see the data collected in some office spaces to convince yourself. From the rate of occupancy of the individual spaces to the attendance of the common places, the habits of heating or restoration, all or almost can be known (read about it our articles " The smartphone, the key to the future? and Rapid growth of coworkinging thanks to new technologies! ». Modulating construction According to needs and adapting to demand is a reality with Proptech.

A new tool in the real estate sector, the Proptech will help us in our constant quest for time and knowledge, but also for financial savings. The three pillars of real estate!





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