Snapkin, Matterport, floored. These companies don't tell you anything? Yet they are at the heart of a technological revolution that has landed in the real estate world. This revolution is 2D and 3D modeling to allow – in particular – virtual visits of real estate. By addressing real estate agents, architects, and more broadly to property professionals, these companies are helping future occupants of homes and offices better soak up their future destination.

Real estate VR, 3D cameras: real estate meets high-tech

In the field of virtual tours of real estate, the world leader is called Matterport (I). The company specializes in the commercialization of 3D cameras to scan properties and then have an environment that can be explored using virtual reality (for example with a VR headset or on Smartphone and computer). Yes, realistic and interactive 3D VR experiments.

It is not a modeling of an apartment or a house under construction. This is a question of capturing an existing environment – housing, Office – that users can then discover through the virtual tour. The whole works with a disconcerting simplicity. The cameras offered by Matterport (such as the Matterport Pro2 3D camera) are activated with a simple push of a button. The camera then scans a part automatically. All scans are uploaded to the cloud and secured. Dedicated software then takes care of assembling the different captured spaces to recreate the piece ready for exploration.

3D scanning as a base for exploration

The scans made by the tools of Matterport or competitors find a use in the real estate world. Many agents have already adopted this technology to improve their conversion rate is meet the demand of customers who can not move to visit certain properties. The experience is immersive and realistic, the physical constraint no longer exists.
But it is possible to go even further. The 3D data captured can create precise diagrams, make a rib reading and then work on the improvement of the space. Some data can be exported to other tools in order to consider a change in the layout, work, etc. The modularity of a part can be designed according to its modeling.

A virtual tour of your future offices

It is not only the real estate sector for individuals who benefit from this evolution. Virtual tours also appear in the world of professional real estate. To find temporary offices on the other side of France or to not have to move and visit several shared office spaces before making your choice, use the virtual tour as at Symphony (ii)!

A real tool to help the visit and solution to reinforce the information of future tenants or owners, virtual reality in real estate is a major breakthrough. So, your next offices in Paris or elsewhere in France, do you think you can select them through 3D? Try the experiment!