Sharing a good meal is essential. This is a millennia-old practice, which you probably apply today in the private environment with your family and friends. At the Office, there are "Resto outings" or sandwiches picked up at the corner bakery that we share. Asking for a meal between colleagues (or between Office neighbors) around the same preparation would not come to the idea? You're wrong. Sharing the same lunch can help you forge strong ties and boost your sense of the collective.

Eating together to "be" together at the Office

How often do you share a meal with your Office colleagues? The same dish, at the same table. Not often? A study published in psychological science conducted by professors Ayelet Fishbach and Kaitlin Woolley shows that a meal between Office neighbors served as at home allows to develop collaboration and improves professional exchanges.
Not really surprising because sharing a dish requires a real sense of cooperation and coordination. This habit is rooted in some countries (especially in India and in Asian countries) but it is not in France and in many Western countries. We prefer cooking in individual portions rather than sharing several preparations. Too bad because there are real benefits to share this pause time around a common dish.
• After a morning of work that requested an individual effort, joining its Office neighbors for a shared lunch allows to disconnect. We change places (break room) and take the time to hear from others. Thus, you avoid the preparation swallowed on the thumb and the prepared dish warmed and consumed in front of the screen.
• With colleagues you know or simple Office neighbors that you only meet at the time of lunch break, you will naturally have a more relaxed communication. There is no question here about work.

Lunch, a positive momentum creating link

In France – especially in France – eating is almost an art. Thus, meeting to share a meal instantly allows for a positive atmosphere that facilitates informal and simple conversations. To exchange with someone, do you usually offer him a coffee for lunch? So do the same with your Office neighbors!
Lunch together is a more intimate and friendly Act than watching an Excel spreadsheet together, admit it. This intimacy and connection that forms are found in the work.
You're going to have to watch your appetite so you don't eat too much and leave it to others. You have to be altruistic. You will have to pass the different preparations without spilling and respect the requirements of everyone (vegetarian, vegetarian, halal diet). You will have to show respect for the other.
Concretely, to organise this collaborative and co-ordinated lunch, you can order to take away in a restaurant for everyone. Be careful, it can be a real formative event. Another solution is to organise this meal in turn. Every week on Wednesdays, a member of the Office takes care of cooking for everyone. You will find a little of your childhood, time when you gladly share your snack to create links and have friends...