Less mature than in France, the model of coworking is still sought in Morocco, but seems to find its way for some semesters. better, it helps to boost the office real estate market in some cities like Casablanca, by bringing an offer in line with the needs of local companies as well as international.


Coworkinging is structured in Casablanca with singular spaces

In Casablanca, the New Work Lab (NWL), launched in 2013, is a pioneer. In the Gauthier district of Casablanca, this space presents itself as the gathering place of entrepreneurs and change makers. While the spaces of coworking were counted on the fingers of only two hands, the NWL has taken the lead, and allows the young creators to present their projects, and to a real solidarity to organize themselves.
It was at the NWL that the Uber team, the inescapable application of private drivers, was a time in place before moving to more important offices. Other areas of coworkinging attract light to Casablanca and offer a differentiated offer.
This is the case of Amber Coworkinging, a friendly space for "cocreating new spaces and new opportunities". Amber is located in the Beauséjour district and is an art-center. On 260 m², all types of exhibitions are found. From the launch of new products to cultural or artistic exhibitions. an ideal working atmosphere to create and innovate.

Another new project, Cocoon Office & Play. This is the first space of coworkinging-crèche in Morocco. In the heart of Casablanca at the Crossroads Ghandi with Rathjen, this space stands out by accepting workers and their children up to 5 years. "Within each child care structure is offered, because it is so much easier to come to work with your toddler and be able to spend a moment with him in the day!" the creators explained.


Coworkinging as a complementary offer that energizes the sector

the market for office real estate has gone through a relatively hollow phase for several years, because of several elements: an offer too large in terms of demand, and above all an inadequate offer. These are the very large companies and the multinationals who could not find a place to stay. The office space, scattered throughout the city, did not allow to have a "readable" card. But this situation seemsto be over.

Today the premium office trays attract. Well-appointed, well-located, with complementary services, they trigger the coup de coeur of foreign companies, coming from France, Europe but also Asia. Feet in the Mediterranean Sea, and the desert a few hours, it must be said that setting up at Casa is attractive. Shared office spaces and more generally third-party places that thrive also boost the market. Moroccan or foreign companies that cannot afford a prestige seat benefit from these easily accessible and inexpensive spaces (between 2000 and 2500 dirhams a month).

Casablanca is the perfect city to offer a pleasant holiday setting but also an atmosphere of studious work. This double facet is a force. Between kitesurfing in Essaouira, camel rides in the desert and meeting in high-end offices, everything is possible in the economic capital of Morocco. A sudden urge to travel?