The defense is today the first European business district. From its birth in 1958 with the Centre of new Industries and Technologies (the CNIT) to the Skyline of 2018, the district evolved to become a strong place in France. Back to the main stages of this major business district.


Factories in the early rounds, the birth of the defense


It was with the creation of the new Industries and Technologies Centre at the end of the years 50 that defence was born. there, the triangular-shaped building occupies this space subject to many development projects over the past centuries. Because in the alignment of the Tuileries garden and the Champs-Elysées (created in 1667), the Parisian West Hill is a strategic place. Before becoming a business district, the area hosts factories. The Rond-point of Courbevoie serves as a knot to travel west of Paris. This roundabout becomes the Rond-point of La Défense-de-Paris, thanks to the presence from 1878 of a sculpture paying homage to the defenders of the capital at the siege of 1870-1871.

So the name of the defense is installed in the heads. And it was in 1958 that the public Establishment for Defence planning (EPAD) was created, with the project to bring out of the land a business district. the Esso tower and the Nobel tower are the first to get out of the ground. Will follow the Fiat tower (today Areva Tour). During the years 70, the defense struggled to find tenants or owners. The economic crisis hindered development, but the years 80 saw a real revival. Then appears the shopping centre, the Great Ark, hotels.


Students, actives, businesses: The Defense Associates business district and neighbourhood of life


In the years 90, a new slowdown. The endless tower of Jean Nouvel, long planned and promised as the second tallest skyscraper in the world with its 425 meters, does not finally see the day. The arrival of the Twin towers of Heart defense in 2001 marks the revival. today, defence can boast of being the first European business district. It is therefore logical to find the First tower and its 231 meters, the highest skyscraper in France at present.

Long Monofunctional and dedicated only to companies, the defence district has evolved to be a real neighbourhood of life today. It notes the presence of 3.5 million square meters of offices in more than 70 tours. But the accommodations also have their place. There are just over 20 000 inhabitants, but by 2025, the objective of the business district is to almost double its number of residents. For this, new programs exist like the project of a student residence of 20 floors by Jean Nouvel. This set will bring to 4 300 the number of student housing completed or in progress in the Department, and continue to energize the defense. For young actives, 15 000 intermediate dwellings are promised by 2025. With a lower market price of about 15%, they will target employees whose incomes are between 2 000 and 3 000 €.

Students, young talents: The defense wants to attract a dynamic and new population to become a neighborhood that mixes work and leisure. The end of the "traditional" business district?