Equipped offices, accessible meeting rooms, complementary services (secretarial, postal Service, access to high-tech equipment), this is what to expect when talking about business centres. These office buildings, imported from the United States in the years 80, are now present in the major cities of France. Why are they always attracting more companies? What are the solutions that make them successful? Answer with five advantages of these offices for rent.

Offices, but also services

The business centres are distinguished from the offers of renting of classic offices by the provision of services, which come in addition to the simple renting of a space. So, in a business center, you don't just rent your office 10, 15 or 20 m², but you can access shared spaces and little ones that make it easier for the company or the young entrepreneur. Need a meeting room for next week? Ok. Need to isolate yourself and make a Visio conference with a client on the other side of the world? Ok. The services offered by the business centres can be very numerous, and vary according to each location. From legal assistance to secretarial services, not forgetting administrative assistance or a concierge service, anything is possible.

Central NOVA2

Spaces designed for sharing

a business center is a space and functional equipment. The master word is modularity. It contains finely selected furniture, high-speed or even Fibre-optic access... but also a coffee machine and workspaces that allow you to meet. Yes, that the centre be clearly proposed as a Space of Working in Paris Or in another city or it is aimed at companies of several employees, who want to pool their means, the meeting aspect is always central. We exchange, we find synergies and we help each other.


A modular space

We talked about modularity, but concretely, how is it visible? Thanks to the possibility offered by the business centres to adapt the size of the offices, and to make them evolve according to the activity. In a classic room, it is impossible to push the walls in case of an increase in activity. On the other hand, during periods of hollow, it will be necessary to deal with offices too large and empty, become too expensive. With a business center, it is possible to change the area: Overnight, we move a partition, we privatize a space or a floor.

A business center is an "address"

Another big asset of a business center, its address. Unlike conventional offices for rent, business centres often take place in a district and district that are attractive. The result is the possibility to domicile his company at a prestigious address, without having to explode the budget rental. Because several companies share the premises, it is possible to have a location in the heart of a large city, in a dynamic district or a district in full transformation. A real asset for the image of the company and its credibility, especially when starting the activity. For example, some business centres are located close to airports or railway stations, top-of-the-range locations!

Reduced charges and a suitable rent

Buying premises is an approach that many companies cannot afford. Renting premises... It is possible, but the commercial lease imposes an important initial cost. With the business centers, it is possible to take advantage of a commitment with a shorter duration, and thus to limit the financial contribution. If the basic charges are fixed (energy, household, access to certain services), others are a la carte. So you can save a lot of money compared to a traditional lease. The advantage is that these assets that are not fixed to domicile the company are useful for the development of thebusiness.