The concentration is appearing in the world of co-working. Taking advantage of an ever-increasing media coverage and a growing place in the world of the Office market, co-working is organized. Recent movements are testimony to a current mutation and future changes.

Concentration and rationalization of the co-working market

Do you have a hard time keeping up with developments in the co-working sector? normal! It must be said that everything is going very fast. WeWork – a very active international player – became the we company last January (with the contribution of 2 billion million from SoftBank). For its part, the IWG Group continues to redeem in turn: Regus, stop & work, spaces and now HQ and signature have returned in the lap.
Nexity is not out of the balance. After the disappearance of the blue Office brand, the Group acquired 54% of the capital of morning Coworking (Group BAP). On a lesser scale, Knotel bought Deskeo. And remember that Kwerk is linked to the promoter the new builders or that Bouygues Immobilier is also in the match with Wojo (ex-nextdoor), its subsidiary created with Accor. Are you dizzy? Sit down.
The consolidation phase is on. It succeeds the mesh created by each actor, around the major metropolitan areas and in particular in Paris and in its near suburbs. Now is the time to organize the troops. Co-working is coming.


New concepts for a second breath

If everyone advances their pawns and the current movement is at the emergence of great actors, this does not prevent creativity. On the contrary, some operators play the map of originality to stand out.
This is not a secret, the co-working 1.0 is already dead. Today, to be in the trend, we have to talk about well-working, co-living, Pro-working. Several concepts emerge, sometimes pushed by large groups for reasons of marketing, or sometimes of the reality of uses.
Among these trends, the co-working positioned as a true service worthy of the hotel model is a reality. Demanding, users push for the service revolution and a redesign of practices. We don't just rent a desk but a bunch of services.
As for the Pro-working – a kind of self-proclaimed version of co-working with an ultra-professional environment – there are still several dynamic players. The Covivio land (with Wellio) or Gecina (with Secondesk) offer these alternative offers.
Co-working is evolving and most actors are starting to get together. Brands and concepts are grouped in several hands, but we always perceive the need for flexibility. Demand is strong and protean.
Let us wager that this consolidation movement does not stop the inventiveness and pioneering spirit that has been hovering in the world of co-working in France for more than 10 years. This mode of organization of work still has a strong margin of progression. It represents 2% of the Office market only. So purchases and bindings Yes, but innovation and flexibility always !