In parallel with the rapid and massive development of coworkinging, a recent phenomenon attracts attention in the professional world. the company Coworking was born, sometimes called " corpoworking ". A new trend in fashion for innovative companies? A new idea to strengthen employee motivation? A new lever for real estate optimization? A little bit of everything at once.

The corpoworking, the freshness of coworkinging within companies

Is the company coworking in the wind? Attention, however, the phenomenon, largely relayed by many media, remains embryonic. His idea? Bring the strength and freshness of coworkinging within the company's enclosure. Thus, internally, companies that embark on the corpoworking develop third places, spaces that bring a new organization of work. These are open spaces that offer company employees a new way of working, while integrating outside businesses.


Corpoworking and innovation

The aim of the process is not to transform the company into a coworker, a competitor of the structures that have emerged for ten years now. The idea is rather to offer more mixed and cross-in-house, while facilitating relations with external partners, subcontractors or collaborators. A real key to innovation, when the novelty trouble to emerge from the inside. An answer, too, to HR problems.

The places of corpoworking are workspaces that reproduce the codes of coworkinging:

  • A third place often open, bright, thought for sharing;
  • A variety of spaces, good internet access and logic in "communities";
  • Everyone participates in the life of the place, is involved;
  • Corpoworking's projects are based on values, with ambition, transformation and change as key words.

Working Group

Some points are characteristic of the spaces of corpoworking:

  • The spaces are based on the principle of experimentation, nothing is fixed;
  • The spaces are open but within the company, which requires taking into account the question of data protection, access to capital information;
  • The places of corpoworking must emerge from the sometimes too rigid framework of the company, but without detaching it (management of purchases, accounting, etc.) which can sometimes limit the freedom of these places.

Settling in a space of corpoworking?

the initiatives of corpoworking in France remain confidential at the moment. Orange's internal coworking space located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, named the good news Villa of Orange, is a pioneer. We also mention the Tank by Spintank, still in Paris. Is it a good idea to join these places?

For a company looking for offices to rent, the corpoworking is not the best formula. With a project-oriented management, or a sometimes too community proposal (only possible membership for professionals in a single field), the places of corpoworking do not allow an opening on the outside so important that offices In "Classics"coworking. At the crossroads of the nursery, the incubator and the coworking, they constitute a track for freelancers, in particular. But for a start-up in search of agility, offices to rent in a space of coworkinging, with real flexibility to adapt the space to the number of employees, is a better answer.