Moving your business or rearranging your workspace is a key step that should not be taken lightly. Many companies are now reorganizing their offices to improve, in particular, the quality of life of employees. How to negotiate this turn well? Explanations.

Open-space is dead, back to privacy at the office

Farewell the Great open-space cold, which brings no confidentiality, and which is a totally depersonalized space. This mode of organization of work, long touted to allow horizontal communication to develop, is no longer a reference. While the trend was 10 or 15 years ago in the great works to break the walls and create large plateaus, we are witnessing a backwardness. Google or Facebook, Giants often quoted for their efforts and listening to employees, create offices in which teams can take a little privacy to concentrate.


We go up walls, we personalize spaces, we bring comfort. The codes of the house, but also pleasant spaces outside the office are imported into the company. The break room is no longer a purely regulatory room. The office space is adaptable. Temporary ultra comfortable offices are available. According to Steelcase, specialist in office planning and workspaces, the important thing is to find the right "mix between different areas of variable surfaces, to make its place to intimacy ".

The Intelligent open-space

Should we totally bury the open-space? Not. The first idea, which allows teams to better exchange thinning traffic and interactions, remains topical. But the open-space 1.0, the one imported from the United States in the years 80, is exceeded. Place at the smart open-space. Alain Iribarne, sociologist of the work and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Actino, Observatory of the quality of life at work, says more: The open-space intelligent foresees a splitting of the space, adapts to the scale of the team and takes into Account for nomadism. With the new technologies, the idea is that the company can offer multiple workplaces "can we read in the newspaper The Echoes.


Companies must have a real freedom to have offices according to their desires. Indeed, if the company is a prisoner of poorly thought out, inappropriate premises, and must, for example, move every six months, the consequences for the morale of the troops and the productivity are real. Without intimacy and in impersonal spaces, the employees adopt in the end strategies of isolation. We must avoid this at all costs! The intelligent open-space is a modular, hyper-connected... and flexible space (the 3-6-9 lease is to be forgotten).

It is in this logic to propose intelligent and evolving workspaces that Symphony Partners has built its offer Paris Office. An offer of offices for rent in Paris. Solutions are flexible and focused on business needs. Closed offices, open-space, meeting rooms. It's all there. It is possible to change the size of the rented offices to integrate new employees or to have a project mode operation for a limited period of time. The whole, without bail requested, and with a commitment over a very short minimum period.