Are you going to the office, dragging your feet? Employee or even leader of your own business, you don't always have the motivation to get to work? The place where you work, your way of sitting, but also the atmosphere or your direct colleagues can impact your "well-being" in the office. How to make the alchemy perfect? How to be happier at the office ? Here is a selection of five concrete solutions to use.

Organize your workspace properly

An overcrowded work plan, or an office that is "withdrawn", is a factor of anxiety and stress. How to liberate space and bring more ' wellbeing '? Prefer the rooms with a good height under ceiling, and if possible with a mirror, in order to improve the light supply. Do not overload the space of supplies, plants, photos... it takes space! A break room exists in the building? So don't bother to stall a mini-couch behind you that prevents you from taking a step back with your seat. To each piece its function.


Use Nature and art!

Plants, but also works of art, is a touch of decoration in an office. It's also a way to reduce your fatigue and increase your productivity. When you raise your screen nose to find an idea, or to think about a way to solve a problem, admit that it is much nicer to have a nice picture or a small shrub facing you, rather than a vulgar white wall.


Use colors that stimulate productivity and well-being

Leverage the positive effects of colors in your workspace by selecting different shades that help strengthen your concentration, confidence, well-being. Blue, yellow or green have calming properties. If you do not have the possibility to repaint the desktop, place soothing colors in small touches, using decorative objects.


Apply basic ergonomic Principles

Ergonomics, it is this discipline that is interested in the interactions of human beings with their working environment. From the design of the workstation to the shape of your office chair, the concepts of ergonomics are already present in our daily... but you can do even better:

  • Center your screen, directly in front of you, for a good working position;
  • Sit at a good distance from your screen, at least one arm length;
  • Place the keyboard at the same height as your elbows;
  • Adjust the seat height so that your feet are flat on the floor;
  • Put your phone on hand or use a headset.

Keep your mind cool

Temperature and air quality are extremely important criteria for staying healthy in the office... and working well! By installing an efficient air conditioning/heating system, you can have a controlled temperature at any time of the year. It is the pledge of a comfortable working environment, and a true "calm", Summer and winter.

Beautifully decorated offices, customizable according to your tastes, bright and with a controlled temperature, it's a sweet dream? This is what Symphony Partners offers, with its offer of shared offices in Paris. In addition, we have trendy meeting rooms and coffee at will...

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