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    SYMPHONY OPERA - 6 square of the Louis Jouvet Opera - 75009 PARIS In the heart of the biggest Parisian spot that registers every day more than 500,000 passengers (Saint Lazare station, RER A and E, metro), [...]

  • Mental charge

    The mental charge: 5 tricks to get FREE!

    Do you always have a list of the topics you will have to do on your way home? You think of the lessons to be recited to the children tonight or even to what [...]

  • Cube-Berlin

    The smartphone, the key to the future?

    Your mobile phone may well be tomorrow the essential sesame to be able to enter your office. In Berlin, two "smart" buildings and forerunners of new technologies in the field of professional real estate are in the process of [...]

  • Coworkinging, a tool to be adopted to boost the well-being of employees in business

    Ill-being is often associated with work in the too rigid framework of the enterprise, the hard HR methods, and the ills associated with the exercise of a mission between "four walls" that have become a source of pressure. The [...]

  • Connected Office

    Rapid growth of coworkinging thanks to new technologies!

    The new technologies accompany the emergence of coworkinging and contribute to the revolution that this mode of organization of work proposes. While 20 years ago, the places of coworkinging used to serve as marginal spaces, they are [...]